TMC unveiled its "customized ammeter solutions" at 2017 35th electromagnetic survey technology, standards, products international seminar and exhibition.

Published:2017-10-22 15:17

On Oct. 18, 2017, Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TMC") attended 2017 35th Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Standards, International Seminar and Exhibition, and unveiled its latest products and solutions in the fields of non-contact read /write chip, RTC real-time clock chip, mPOS chip.

As the leader of security chip, TMC has been concentrating on smart card chip and intelligent terminal chip design. Its products are widely used in the fields of government, telecommunications, finance, health, social security, public transport, safety terminal, intelligent ammeter and Internet of Things, with annual shipments over 1.2 billion. A variety of chips and intelligent ammeter customized solutions used in ammeter industry provide users with information collection, storage, analysis and emergency response, so as to meet efficient and safe operation demand of urban power.

THM3010 EMC B-Level Standard non-contact read/write chip

THM3010 is a standard 13.56MHz non-contact read/write chip, which is in line with EMC B-level standard. THM3010 has the characteristics of low standby power consumption and adjustable transmission power. The baud rate of communication could reach up to 848Kb/s, which possesses stable performance in high/low temperature, as well as secure and reliable quality, it has strong market competitiveness.

THTRC 805/JYRTC-2 High Precision Real-time Clock Chip

THTRC805 (JYRTC-2) is a high precision real-time clock chip with a built-in 32.768kHZ digital temperature compensated crystal oscillator (DTCXO) and I2C bus interface as a communication mode. Its design function is completely compatible with market mainstream products. It is fully consistent with the definition of pipe foot, bus protocol, register selection and etc. It is superior to market mainstream products on some characteristic indexes such as compensation precision.

In the future, TMC is willing to work together with upstream and downstream partners to create more new opportunities for ammeter industry development. Through continuous exploration and practice, we will jointly promote ammeter industry’s comprehensive development and build a new sustainable ecosystem.