Unigoup Guowei Joined eSIM Industry Cooperation Alliance

Published:2018-4-27 00:46

On April 26, 2018, China Unicom Partner Conference and Communication Information Terminal Trade Fair was held in Chongqing. The "eSIM Industry Cooperation Alliance" established with the development concept of "New ecology, Great cooperation and Shared prosperity". As the only China semiconductor company in smart security chip field, Unigroup Guowei was invited to the conference, Mr. Zhu Han, vice president of marketing attended the alliance’s launching ceremony. Unigroup Guowei will concentrate its efforts on condensing industry resources and jointly promote the popularization of eSIM technology, so as to realize the construction and healthy development of the eSIM industry ecosystem as soon as possible.

In the era of "interconnection of all things", the development of eSIM industry is imperative. Compared with traditional SIM industry, eSIM has the advantages of "saving terminal’s inner space, meeting product miniaturization requirements, improving terminal’s stability and security", as well as the convenient functions of "terminal remote activation and operators free switching".

As one of the largest integrated circuit design companies in China, its core business including smart security chip, special integrated circuits, memory chip, FPGA and crystal has formed the leading competitive advantage in the industry. Its subsidiary company TMC possesses leading position in the field of smart security chip, TMC has years of experiences in its core business: smart card security chip and intelligent terminal security chip, with deep accumulation of talents and core independent intellectual property rights. At present, TMC has launched a number of high-performance security chip products in eSIM field, and holds the advantages of leading eSIM industry's technological development. In the future, TMC will actively promote eSIM technology in fields of both consumer electronics and Internet of things, to help the eSIM technology related industries surging development, to have secure digital life and future.