China Unicom and Unigroup Co-unveil the 5G "Big" Era with the Launching of 5G Super SIM!

Published2019-5-17 16:23

On May 17, China Unicom and Unigroup jointly released the 5G super SIM in Guangzhou, unveiling the "big" era of SIM development. Yuan Jian, member of the Guangdong China Unicom Party Committee and deputy general manager, and Ma Daojie, vice CEO of Unigroup Global and president of GUOXIN MICRO, and hundreds from communications and IC industry attended the event.


In his speech, Yuan Jian from Guangdong China Unicom said that 2019 is the first year of the 5G era. Guangdong China Unicom has been leading in the 5G development. At the global industry chain partnership forum in Shanghai on April 23rd, China Unicom announced the official start of China Unicom 5G network and released a new 5G brand logo "5G" and the slogan "Let the future grow". As the first domestic communication operator offering 5G experiences for consumers, in the future, China Unicom will continue to play the leading role in 5G terminals, focusing on the open cooperation and technological innovation of terminals, and joining hands with the partners such as Unigroup and those along the industry chain to construct a broader, more comprehensive and smarter 5G industry through 5G super SIM.


Ma Daojie from Unigroup said that the 5G super SIM is an epoch-making product. Unigroup will cooperate with operators, mobile phone manufacturers and distributors, using the advantages of the mass storage of the Unigroup 5G super SIM, to reduce the cost of a 5G mobile phone to approximately 1000 RMB in a shortest possible time and to provide users with the best 5G experiences. The 5G super SIM means one more choice for users, lower cost for mobile phone manufacturers, richer and securer services provision for communication operators and one more valuable product for retailers. The Unigroup 5G super SIM will be the first to farewell the "small" era and to greet the arrival of the "big" era.


The three highlights of the 5G super SIM include: ultra-large storage, one-click changeover and security. First of all, the ultra-large storage is the iconic feature of the 5G super SIM. It is thanks to the exceptional storage capacity that the super SIM is defined as a revolutionary fifth-generation SIM. At present, Unigroup and China Unicom have launched SIMs of three storages: 32G, 64G and 128G. Compared with the storages of the previous four generations of storage measured in the unit of KB, the storage of the super SIM has expanded by hundreds of thousands of times, achieving a disruptive breakthrough. Secondly, there is a one-click changeover function. The SIM is pre-loaded with the super SIM APP. With a integration of software and hardware, the user can back up the data with one click, making using a new phone extremely easy. In addition, the 5G super SIM has a secure storage, controlled by a finance-grade security chip, which provides comprehensive security and effectively prevents information leakage and theft.


With a deeper reading of the 5G super SIM, Yue Chao, president of GUOXIN MICRO business development, pointed out that compared with the traditional SIM, the 5G super SIM is not only a breakthrough of quantity, but also quality, which would inject new momentum to the transformation of the information industry. In the near future, the 5G super SIM would also iterate 512GB, 1TnT of capacity, ensuing the 5G era of exponential growth of data. At the event, Yue Chao also showed the Unigroup finance-grade security chip that guarantees the storage security of the 5G super SIM. He said that the chip is the world's first 40nm smart card chip, and has obtained a number of qualifications such as CC EAL6+, ISCCC EAL4+, UnionPay Chip Security Certification and National Algorithm Second-level Certification, as one of security chips with the highest security level in the world. In the data era, digital privacy and security are very important themes. The 5G super SIM encrypts the storage, backup and recovery of data, which will firmly guard our privacy, allowing us to embrace a era of security while moving towards the 5G "big" era.


At the end of the event, Unigroup and China Unicom co-started the global launching ceremony of the 5G super SIM. The mobile phone manufacturers and distributors present at the conference expressed their supportive attitudes towards the deeper cooperation and prospects of the 5G super SIM. Hence, the 5G super SIM that integrates the advantages of the ultra-large capacity, one-click changeover and storage security was officially released. Yuan Jian from Guangdong China Unicom and Ma Daojie from Unigroup also presented the 5G super SIMs to the first batch of exclusive users. The launch of this milestone product will have a profound impact on the development of the entire information industry, preparing China to fully enter the 5G era of Internet of Everything.