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Published2019-5-18 15:29

 On May 17, 2019 Wireless Charging Asia Expo (Summer) was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong. At the event, TMC released the first flagship product of short distance and high power: 20W Wireless Charging Solution, and exhibited a variety of low-and high-end wireless fast charging products, making a significant step towards the market of wireless charging.

In recent years, wireless charging technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in China, and its practicality has been greatly improved. Wireless fast charging products have covered many fields such as mobile phones, TWS headset wireless charging warehouses, smart wears, and so on, demonstrating very promising market prospects. As a player who keeps up with market and gives full play to its resource advantages, TMC successfully launched the 20W high-power wireless charging solution that caters to the mainstream market.


The solution consists of two parts: the transmitter chip and the receiver module. It conforms to the Qi standard and is compatible with the WPC-1.2.4 BPP/EPP protocol. It has the advantages in efficiency, security, quality and cost. It also supports various standard power wireless charging and non-standard power wireless charging of 5W/7.5. W/10W/15W/20W, Users can adjust the output power according to the device, and this flexibility is very suitable for wireless fast charging products such as mobile phones and small household appliances.


More importantly, the comprehensive and effective protection design for overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature keeps the system in a safe and optimal working status. With only a few peripheral components, an efficient and good wireless charging application scenario for users can be built.


Fan Minghao, product director and general manager of business development, said: "As a leading company in the field of domestic security chip design, Unigroup has very mature technology in chip R&D and a well-prepared R&D team. In recent years, the company has been devoted to the research on wireless charging frontier technology and development of related products. We have formed two technical routes: long-distance wireless charging and short-distance wireless charging. The product technical indicators are second to none in the industry, and the product performance has a competitive advantage in the market.


Previously, the company's basic 5W wireless charging solution developed specifically for the TWS headset market has received much attention from the industry. Compared with similar products, the 20W wireless fast charging solution released is also strong in performance, quality and price. It is expected to be the benchmark of the wireless charging market and lead the trend in the domestic.


In the future, Unigroup will continue to innovate and continuously improve its own strengths, and provide industry partners with better products and services with leading wireless fast charging technology.