Corporate Culture

TMC is short for Tongxin Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. In 2013,TMC gave a new interpretation of her name—

Thinking Makes Change!So clearly the company's innovation-driven core values!

Corporate philosophy——

Innovation Creats Value,Innovation Creats Opportunity!

Aiming to continuously meet the increasing customer demand by idea, service, product

bussinesss and management innovations.

Idea:Open 、Reserve Thinking 、 Leading

Service:Fast Response 、 Communication 、Detail

Product:Discovery 、Imagination 、Re-creation

Business:Digging 、Global View 、Strategic Thinking

Management:Direction 、Efficiency 、Fusion

Company Innovation——

Devoted to product development and technology innovation, serving the society with technology and product, developing China's integrated circuit industry and contributing as a world-class integrated circuit design company.

Company Culture——

Open, cooperative and enterprising; integration of excellent talents, advanced culture and technology management experience; team work and cooperation with social organizations, contributing to and serving the society.The core values of the company is People First, pursuance of superexcellence and improvement of company and personal values.